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Zrnovska Banja is a small tourist resort situated in a deep and well sheltered bay of the same name on the eastern part of the northern coast of Korcula Island, facing Peljesac peninsula and overlooking the Channel of Peljesac. It is located approx. 3 km from both Korcula Town and the near by village of Zrnovo. There is a regular local bus line available several times per day, connecting the town of Korcula with the coastal village of Racisce and other little villages and coves along the northern coast, which are in between those two destinations, with Zrnovska Banja being one of the stops. Zrnovska Banja used to be a non urbanized bay and one of the coastal destinations for the inhabitants of the inland village of Zrnovo where they would go to spend some time enjoying the sea, swimming, diving or fisihing. In the second part of the 20th century, mostly since 1970’s, Zrnovska Banja became a place where people from Zrnovo started to build their summer houses so it is a relatively new settlement. It was also formed as a tourist resort since many people from Zrnovo started working in tourism and due to the trend in the last 30 years when Zrnovo inhabitants gradually moved to the coast, mostly in Medvinjak bay and bays of Zrnovska Banja and Vrbovica, since that was a period of tourist development in this area. Zrnovska Banja is especially liked among windsurfers and as such is one of the most wanted locations for the fans of this sport on the entire Dalmatian coastline because of its obvious connection with the Channel of Peljesac – worldwide famous windsurfing destination, best known for strong and steady western winds (locally called “maestral” and “tramuntana”) that blow almost every day in the summertime. It is also the ideal destination for the guests who seek a quiet and relaxing vacation close by to the interesting tourist centers with various offers, like the town of Korcula and the village of Lumbarda. It is also very appreciated among sailors, who use it for overnight anchorage or as a temporary “station”, since it is a well enclosed bay and sheltered from most of the winds, both regular and those unpleasant and unpredictable ones.

Being quite a new settlement, Zrnovska Banja has a number of modern holiday houses, villas, a market and few restaurants and there is also the possibility of renting boats and bikes, as well as organized boat excursions to explore the surroundings and numerous attractive locations. In Zrnovska Banja there are couple of pebbly beaches and close by there are also several beautiful bays, beaches and lots of bathing spots, all within a range of 1.5 to 6 km, such as Medvinjak bay, Tri Zala, Kneze, etc. In case you like more secluded and not so much visited beaches, on the opposite side of the island, on its southern coast you can find several little virgin bays like Orlandusa, Rasohatica, Pavja Luka, where you can find a quiet spot and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean landscape and crystal clear sea.

So there it is, a destination close to everything that you may find important during your vacation, with numerous options for swimming and enjoying the nature, having an active holiday or exploring the culture, history and entertainment offerings of this part of the island.