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Zavalatica is a little coastal village situated in a beautiful natural bay on the South Riviera of Korcula Island. This fishing port and harbour was developed centuries ago to export the products for the inhabitants of the near by inland village of Cara (pronounced: Cha-ra). Located 2 km south from Cara and 27 km west from Korcula Town, today Zavalatica has a few hundred of its own inhabitants. Although we couldn’t find exact records when the village was founded, inscribed stone scripts were discovered in 1968 in an old vine cellar belonging to Banicevic family. These stone writings were made in the 16th century and are dedicated to events from 889 A.D., describing a clash between the locals and the Venetian army. The story eventually became a part of Korcula’s numerous and interesting legends that are passed on from generation to generation and in short it goes something like this:The Venetian army was ambushed by the villagers of Cara and a Venetian nobleman and his dog were killed, but the Venetians managed to regroup and subdue the attackers. What followed is a famous interaction between the two sides before the Venetians executed the villagers. The Venetians asked – “Who killed the Nobleman?” The locals answered – “The hammer did!” The Venetians then asked – “Who was carrying the hammer?” The locals answered back – “We were all carrying a hammer!”

Nowadays, the inhabitants of Zavalatica are mostly engaged in tourism, just like the rest of the island. Other professions include fishing, agriculture, olive oil production and winemaking. The last one is specially worth mentioning, since the road from Cara to Zavalatica goes through the fertile fields of Cara, filled with vineyards needed for producing Korcula’s most famous white vine “Posip” (pronounced: Po-sheep), winner of many awards for its quality in both Croatia and Europe.

Accommodation in Zavalatica is exclusively private, attended by the local house owners, very friendly and cheerful people giving their visitors another reason to feel comfortable and relaxed. The bay itself is not secluded and hidden from the sea like many other attractive bays on the island. It is oriented towards the sea and since the area is slightly hilly, from almost every part of the village you can enjoy beautiful view of open waters interrupted only by the contours of Lastovo Island. On nice and clear days, in the far distance you can even see blurry lines of Italy’s Monte Gargano. The vicinity of Lastovo makes Zavalatica the ideal parting place for visiting this island and the islets in its archipelago, very well known among yachtsmen. In the village, there are two grocery stores, a nice restaurant with large terraces right by the sea, as well as small night bar also situated by the sea shore where you can enjoy your evening drinks. Post office and a doctor’s office can be found in the near by village of Cara and for all other necessities or special needs, we recommend a visit to Korcula Town.

Zavalatica is a perfect choice for people who love a family vacation in a small and peaceful place, with beautiful surrounding nature. You can enjoy daily fresh Mediterranean fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, top quality wine and olive oil; start your exploration of the Korcula’s other destinations, as well as rich historical and cultural offerings; or go out and discover many near by small bays (for example, beautiful and secluded pebble beach is located in the neighboring Zitna bay) with pebble beaches, surrounded by lush vegetation that reaches all the way to crystal blue sea, providing protection from the sun for those who seek refreshment in hot summer days.