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Not so long ago, somewhere at the end of the 19th century, people from Blato (charming little inland Mediterranean town approx. 10 km away by car) started coming to this part of the island that is today known as a beautiful small coastal village named Prizba. Back then it was fishing and anchorage spot for the locals, but as time passed by people from Blato inhabited Prizba by building small stone cottages and cultivating the surrounding land. Little by little and especially in last couple of decades, all that was replaced with nice holiday houses and villas, mainly hidden between numerous pine trees that grow on every corner of the island.

Situated under the little hills covered with pine wood and olive groves and spread along the part of the South Riviera of Korcula Island, Prizba extends throughout 4 km of coastline, including few small bays, several uninhabited islets and peninsulas named Ratak and Priscapac, both with lovely pebble beaches. Marine area around Ratak is also a great anchorage spot and the other peninsula, much smaller in size, is a part of a bungalow resort that carries the same name.

Today Prizba is oriented exclusively to tourism, so except for the mentioned Priscapac resort, accommodation can be found in numerous private houses that are entirely available for rent or in the form of apartments, studios or rooms. Owned by kind and friendly locals, most of the houses are located along the main road which follows the coastline. Since the whole area is slightly hilly the houses are either below the road or above it, so the ones below it usually come with their own private-like access to the sea and the ones above the road usually come with a great view of the nearby area.

In the centre of Prizba, on the eastern side of the Ratak peninsula is a beautiful pebble beach with a near by sand court for beach volleyball, rental of jet-skies, boats and other marine equipment for fun and recreation and plenty of shaded parking spaces. Also, in its vicinity there is an interesting camping site located within a small olive grove and next to it there is a little family tavern. On the western side of the peninsula is a small sheltered cove where you can find a snack bar, café bar and a restaurant. Little festivities, known as “fishermen’s nights”, are held in this part of Prizba and people gather to enjoy some music, food and drinks. Couple of kilometres away, on Priscapac peninsula, you will find a diving centre that offers an amazing experience for those interested in exploring the underwater world and within the bungalow complex there is a café bar and pizza place, restaurant and a small grocery shop.

Surrounding Prizba are several smaller and larger uninhabited islets, some rocky, some forested, that you can explore by small motor boats available for rent, visit hidden coves and find a perfect spot to swim, sunbathe or fish. Around Prizba you will also find marked bicycle and/or walking trails so you can grab your favourite walking/running shoes or a bike and go exploring the nearby hillside area, inner parts with vineyards and other plantations, occasional historical landmarks or several viewpoints with breathtaking views of the entire area.

Make no mistake about it, here you won’t find clubs or bars, art or history. This is a place perfect for summer retreats if you want to experience beautiful unspoiled nature, crystal clear waters, and plenty of sunshine. Weather your plan is to spend your vacation resting and enjoying the peace and quiet, recharging your batteries and relaxing from all the rush, stress and problems or you want a great settling point from where to start your exploration of the island’s rich historical, cultural and delicious gastronomy offerings, Prizba is one of Korcula’s destinations that we definitively recommend.


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