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Prigradica is a small coastal village situated in a little bay on the northern coast of Korcula Island, located 4 km from the inland town of Blato, 12 km from Vela Luka and 45 km from Korcula Town. Just like the villages of Prizba, Grscica and Karbuni, as well as several other little inhabited bays and coves, Prigradica is a part of municipality of Blato and also a very important harbour in its history.

Although we couldn’t find exactly when the village was founded, it is probably one of the earliest inhabited bays as it is evident from many remains of ancient stone houses. In the past times it played a very important role in the development of this region of the island, since it served as a port for the export of famous and very appreciated wine and olive oil from Korcula. In the 19th century and also at the beginning of the 20th century, it was the main harbour for this part of the island, with a large breakwater and pier that were built during the reign of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. There are also a few sad moments in the history of this little village, stories that all the locals know. Due to a very bad economic situation, caused mostly by grape diseases and the collapse of winemaking, lots of Dalmatians had to migrate abroad in search of a better life and among them were also many inhabitants of Blato. The event, which happened in 1925, was so tragically experienced by the people of Blato that the memory of it still remains today – in just one day, around 1300 people embarked aboard the steamships took off from Prigradica and left for distant destinations, like South America and Australia.

Today this little village is a great destination for a comfortable and peaceful rest with a lot of newly built houses that that provide quality private accommodation to tourists and visitors. Here, you will also find all the essentials for your relaxed vacation and for other necessities there is the near by town of Blato. Prigradica has its own grocery store, cafes and restaurants, as well as several sport facilities that include small football field, basketball court, terrain for beach volleyball and a field for sea water polo. The area is also a great starting point for bicycling and trekking since bicycle and hiking trails can be found in the vicinity, so if you prefer those activities be sure to check out tourist office in Blato for a map of designated routes.

There are many nice bathing spots in Prigradica, including 2 lovely pebble beaches. Smaller one can be found on the shallow end of the bay in the center of the village and it is great for families and children since it is sheltered and easily accessible. Second one is located outside of the bay, on the open shores just couple of meters east from the large breakwater. In case you want to explore the near by area, there are also several little bays and coves surrounding Prigradica, all connected with a road and within a few minutes of driving distance.

Overlooking the Korcula channel, this little village is a great choice if you want to spend your holiday in a nice little bay with plenty of things to do, all within your reach. Well protected from southern and eastern winds, Prigradica is also suitable for keeping a small or a big boat. It has its own crane so it is a convenient place if you are going on your vacation with a boat, jet-ski or something that requires a little more careful deployment into the water, as well as a sheltered and secured moorage. Enjoy the view of the island of Hvar in the distance, as well as Peljesac peninsula and the mountain slopes behind them and have a great time however you prefer to spend it.