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Kneze is a small coastal village situated in a bay of the same name on the northern coast of Korcula Island, opposite of Peljesac peninsula and overlooking the Channel of Peljesac. Kneze is located on the road that connects Korcula Town and the village of Racisce, with a distance of 10 km from the town, which is east of Kneze and 3 km from Racisce, which is west of Kneze. There is a regular local bus line available several times per day, which connects the town of Korcula with Racisce and other little villages and coves along the northern coast, such as Medvinjak, Zrnovska Banja, Tri Zala and of course – Kneze. It is also important to mention that Kneze is connected with the inland village of Pupnat by a 3.5 km long pedestrian pathway through the Korcula’s lush vegetation and from there you can also easily reach Zrnovo, another beautiful little village located in the inner parts of the island.

The village of Kneze was built on a location of the ancient Roman settlement and in its beginning it was a small fishermen’s commune. Kneze began to develop in the 19th century, mainly serving as a port for the village of Pupnat in the wide bay of Kneze, which is very well protected from most winds characteristic for the Channel of Peljesac, especially from the most dangerous ones in this area – northern and western winds. The bay in enclosed by the cape Kneza and also protected by two uninhabited islets named “Mala Kneza” (translated: “Little Kneza”) and “Vela Kneza” (translated: “Large Kneza”), which has a lighthouse on it. The bay is mostly shallow, but deep enough for the smaller to medium sized boats and yachts, with an average depth of 5 meters. The sea bottom is sandy, with lush marine life and it is a great location for recreational diving and snorkelling. Due to the shallow waters and the protective nature of the bay, the sea warms faster in this area and it is always a little warmer than in the other surrounding locations, but still perfectly clean and crystal clear. All of this, combined with beautiful small beaches, makes Kneze an ideal destination for families with little children or for the people who prefer protected locations without big waves or strong currents and winds.

Today this little village, like most of Korcula’s destinations, is tourism oriented, but on a considerably smaller and more peaceful scale. Here you will find just a few taverns and a shop for basic supplies, several small pebble and sandy beaches and not too many private holiday houses with accommodation available for rent in form of rooms, apartments or entire houses. Private accommodation owners are very welcoming and they are always ready to go an extra mile for more satisfied guests. The local road from Korcula Town to the village of Racisce passes trough Kneze with just a few meters from the seashore, so most of the accommodation available for rent is situated above the road. However, the location of the road does not present a big problem, since the road is not very busy and usually with very little traffic. Due to the configuration of the terrain, most of the apartments and villas in Kneze come with an uninterrupted sea view and they are usually very close to the beach or the coastline. For recreational activities, Kneze offers great scenery for bicycling and hiking, but mostly swimming, snorkelling and other water sports, from which we would especially point out wind-surfing because once you exit the protection of the bay you have entered the Channel of Peljesac – worldwide famous windsurfing destination, best known for strong and steady western winds (locally called “maestral” and “tramuntana”) that blow almost every day in the summertime. As for other activities, both cultural and entertaining, and also wide range of offerings there is the town of Korcula in your vicinity, providing you with numerous choices of shops, restaurants, different trips to near by destinations, nightlife and much more, while you get to keep the peace and quiet of your chosen holiday destination.

The village of Kneze and its surrounding area, known for its crystal blue waters and beautiful landscape, with lush vegetation, lovely small beaches and shallow turquoise-coloured sea form a dreamlike visual spectacle, more similar to a Pacific atoll than to a Mediterranean island. This lovely little hideaway is one of the favourite choices amongst the locals and tourists looking to escape the rush and stress of urban surroundings and to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of Korcula Island.


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